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Automotive Fuel Saving Technology

Green Source is the manufacturer and distributor of Automotive Fuel Saving equipment.

We offer high quality, reliable and Eco-friendly Hydrogen HHO generators and electronic controllers designed to work with any engine and fuel type.

HHO generators have been proven to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and torque as well as extend engine life. Green Source hydrogen generators perform well on any gasoline, diesel or LPG vehicle, stand alone generator or in marine engines applications.

Our company is the leading manufacturer of HHO electronic controllers to complement hydrogen supplementation: EFIE, PWM, ProTuner. Electronic signal manipulators are the essential components to increase the efficiency of the engine and maintain a reliable, consistent supply of HHO.

Generators and controllers are perfectly compatible with all other HHO generators on the market and are transferable from one vehicle to another.